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ComposeDB currently supports loading lists of documents by their model type, their controlling account, or their related documents. However, ComposeDB lacks the ability to filter and/or order the returned documents by their fields. This has been a heavily requested feature by the community on this forum and in direct conversations.


This RFC introduces a possible solution to add simple filtering and ordering primitives to GraphQL queries as arguments on GraphQL connections, in addition to the existing pagination arguments. As a requirement for filtering and ordering, this proposal also defines how users specify the fields they want indexed.


This RFC is written with the following in mind:

Example Composite

For discussion in this RFC, we will be using the following composite:

enum PublicationStatus {

type Image {
  src: URI!
  alt: String

type Post @createModel(...) {
  text: String!
  status: PublicationStatus!
  publishedAt: Date
  image: Image!
  tags: [String!]